Our Proposals - Welsh Government Application (DNS)

Alongside the applications that will be submitted to Flintshire County Council, our plans include a proposal for a new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) facility at the Mill. The plans have been updated since 2022 and Eren Holding is reconsulting on the updated scheme.

We want to expand operations, and although we are retaining the existing renewable energy facility and other existing energy generation, the expanded Mill will require up to 69 MWe of electricity as well as large volumes of heat for the paper making process. A new CHP facility will supply highly efficient low carbon energy to the Mill and make Shotton Mill self-sufficient in energy supply.

As the CHP facility will need to generate a huge amount of power, this section of our plans is considered a Development of National Significance (DNS), which means the application will be submitted to the Welsh Government for determination.

The consultation has now closed. 

Benefits - Welsh Government Application (DNS)

Fuel Efficiency

A Combined Heat and Power (CHP) facility will allow Shotton Mill to be more fuel efficient and prohibit fuel waste. CHPs utilise heat, which is a by-product of the electricity generation process, and turn it into electricity. By using the waste heat, the CHP facility can reach efficiency ratings in excess of 90%, in comparison of gas power stations, which in the UK range between 49% and 52%.

In the future we aim to be able to utilise Hydrogen gas as a fuel source and Shotton Mill is currently active in a number of projects to enable Hydrogen supply both to Shotton Mill and the Deeside area.

Reduce C02 Emissions

Our plans to repurpose and expand Shotton Mill will require more energy. We have opted for a CHP facility as it will significantly reduce CO2 emissions, due to lower sulphur contents of the fuel and the use of more modern combustion equipment.

More recycling

Shotton Mill plays a pivotal role in the UK’s recycling infrastructure network. Recycled paper and other recyclable materials, such as glass and plastics collected by local councils from households across the UK, are transported to the site for reprocessing. The expansion of operations through the construction of a CHP will ensure the increased recycling of wastepaper. This development will enable 800,000t of recovered fibre currently being exported overseas to be processed in Wales at our site.


During the development of our proposals, we have considered the site and the local area. You can find more information on each of these aspects below:


Our design considerations are outlined in our Design & Access Statement Document. Furthermore, you can read our extensive assessment to ensure the culture, heritage and archaeology of the site is protected.

Traffic & Highways

As we expand operations at Shotton Mill, we will maintain the current access off Weighbridge Road, within Deeside Industrial Park, as it is already a direct connection onto the A548 dual carriageway and motorway network. We may use an additional access point for certain construction purposes, but these will also be located off Weighbridge Road.


Shotton Mill is slightly elevated above the surrounding area and is not at risk of flooding. Our plans to repurpose and expand the current Mill will not increase flood risk locally. Furthermore, our proposals include an outline drainage scheme.


The site is close to the Dee Estuary which is an important wildlife area. We have worked closely with specialist consultants, including ornithologists, and stakeholders such as Natural Resources Wales to ensure that we thoroughly understand the possible effects of construction and our future operations on wildlife, and how we can avoid disruption. The proposed development will include new measures to benefit wildlife which can be found in the full Ecology and Nature Conservation Report.


Eren Holding is committed to ensuring the paper mill is sustainable. As such, a Sustainability Statement has been prepared.

Noise & Air

Whilst developing our plans for Shotton Mill, we have paid particular attention to ensuring the noise from the plant and machinery is minimised. From previous experience and discussion with stakeholders, we understand that noise can travel if not effectively managed.

Our engineers have designed new features to ensure that any loud equipment is enclosed within the buildings as far as possible from residential areas. As a result, we expect noise levels at nearby locations to be much reduced/minimal.

On air emissions, our plans to expand and repurpose Shotton Mill are focused on using modern technologies and the latest techniques which will minimise air pollution. Further details can be found in the Air Quality and Odour Assessment.


All documentation, as well as additional documents not outlined above, can be accessed via this link here. 

The Environmental Impact access can be viewed separately here.  

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Tell Us What You Think

Thank you for taking the time to look at our proposals.

We are committed to listening to local people as we develop our plans and this consultation provides an opportunity for the local community to have their say. We thank all those who took the time to provide their feedback during the consultation period. 

The consultation is now closed. However you can still get in touch with the development team via the methods provided below: 

Feedback Form

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